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A Successful Baltimore Advertising Internship

May 16, 2012 by , Intern | Bootcamp Lights

maggie rose regan finishing internship at bootcamp lights On the morning of February 3rd 2012, I made a call to Kyle Benham, co-founder, to accept my public relations and marketing internship position at Bootcamp Lights. In my short time here, I had no idea that I would have learned so much.

This past Saturday, May 12, was the final assignment for my internship: Dog’s Night Out event at Baltimore Inner Harbor in partnership with Generation Wags.

It was surreal standing by the water with everyone, looking up at the Bootcamp Lights helicopter and knowing that all my hard work had paid off.

The weather was warm and beautiful, so the Inner Harbor was packed with people! Throughout the event, I saw people stopping and pointing at the helicopter, and looking up and reading the messages out loud.

The event Saturday night was the perfect ending to an incredible and educational internship. I would like to take this time to thank my boss Kyle, pilots Rob Schapiro and Dave Jenny, and the rest of the Bootcamp Lights team for making my semester an amazing experience that I will remember forever.

I would also like to thank Debby Hartten, founder of Generation Wags, for all of her help and creativity for my final pro-bono campaign.

bootcamp lights helicopter for dogs night out I found that it’s one thing to sit in a classroom and learn about writing press releases, pitches, proposals and blogs, and it’s another thing to actually do it for a company.

During my time at Bootcamp Lights, I honed my skills that I learned in Mass Communications classes at Towson University and applied them to the real world. I also got to ride in a helicopter for the first time!

Last but not least, I would like to thank my readers. I am so grateful for all of the supportive comments, and it is such a wonderful feeling knowing that my work is being read and shared around the Internet. Overall, this experience has been one for the books!

Towson Senior Ad Campaign

Maggie Rose London advertising professional

Between filling out job applications, scheduling meetings in New York and Boston for post-grad opportunities, and still being fully prepared to juggle one more important responsibility...

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And Maggie Picks...

cute dogs playing

This was a very difficult decision to make because all of the companies were so unique and innovative! On behalf of all of us at Bootcamp Lights, I want to thank everyone who offered to partner for the launch of my advertising campaign.

After much review, I have decided to launch an integrated pro bono campaign for Generation Wags.

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What is Bootcamp Lights?

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At Bootcamp Lights, we take your message – the foundation of all advertising campaigns, and we display that message directly above prime locations.

Our innovative approach effectively reaches areas of Maryland that are unattainable by other forms of media.

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