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New To The Sales Process

July 20, 2012 by , Intern | Bootcamp Lights

stephen willingmyre perfecting his sales techniques Lately in my free time I have been thinking of new strategies and ways to reach out to potential customers.

I have some experience in sales, as a building engineer. But in this environment, customers come to me looking for retail space to rent. When it comes to making a pitch on a cold call that luxury is gone.

There is only a small window of time to retain the attention of your prospective client. Working closely with Bootcamp Lights sales director, Tim Wright, he has prepared me for making cold calls and getting out in the field to meet with clients.

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What is Bootcamp Lights?

innovative billboards attached to helicopters

At Bootcamp Lights, we take your message – the foundation of all advertising campaigns, and we display that message directly above prime locations.

Our innovative approach effectively reaches areas of Maryland that are unattainable by other forms of media.

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Work at an Innovative Startup

innovative startup in baltimore

Join one of Maryland’s most innovative advertising agencies. Tell us why you’re passionate about learning new techniques to help others.

Send your cover letter and resume to

We look forward to hearing from you!

"Hire Me" Digital Billboard

DJ Flounder Spinning

With his sights on the future, Flounder has already begun searching for his next opportunity. He teamed up with former DC101 employee, Kyle Benham, to launch an innovative 'Hire DJ Flounder' campaign.

DJ Flounder's "Hire Me" Story »

WAKA Kickball Campaign

WAKA Kickball logo

"Bootcamp Lights put the WAKA brand of adult social sports in front of even more potential customers. It's fun working with companies that are as into outside-the-box business ideas as we are."

-- Mike Holden, WAKA Kickball, Director of Marketing

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Police Recruitment Campaign

Baltimore Police badge

"Everyone saw it and just thought it was the coolest thing. It was a great way for us to get our message out."

-- Jeremy Silbert, Baltimore Police Department

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What Are Your Favorite Television Commercials?

June 22, 2012 by , Intern | Bootcamp Lights

mentos television commercial is memorableThanks for all of your support with my first blog post about new media. I greatly appreciate your feedback.

In my first article, I mentioned a couple of television commercials that had a big impact on me while growing up. It got me thinking about a time when Facebook and YouTube didn’t exist. Television was what we considered “new media.”

And there was no shortage of great TV commercials.

Remember the Mentos commercial?

My Passion for New Media in Baltimore, MD

June 19, 2012 by , Intern | Bootcamp Lights

Stephen Willingmyre intern at Bootcamp Lights

Growing up in Silver Spring, MD I remember sitting around the television with my family, watching commercials like “Got Milk” or “Wasuuuup?” and thinking to myself, one day I’d like to be involved in making commercials.

My background is in building engineering; throughout high school and college, I have worked as an employee for S.F. Boyko Associates.

While earning my business degree at Montgomery College, I took a required public speaking course. I remember our professor telling us, “This will be the most important course you will ever take. You will use these skills throughout your life.”

Coming from an engineering background, I was a bit skeptical, but I soon realized the importance of communication. It’s an interpretative process; from the clothes you wear to the way you walk – you’re always communicating a message.

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A Successful Baltimore Advertising Internship

May 16, 2012 by , Intern | Bootcamp Lights

maggie rose regan finishing internship at bootcamp lights On the morning of February 3rd 2012, I made a call to Kyle Benham, co-founder, to accept my public relations and marketing internship position at Bootcamp Lights. In my short time here, I had no idea that I would have learned so much.

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Ever Wonder What Your Dog Is Thinking?

May 11, 2012 by , Intern | Bootcamp Lights

Well, take your best guess and together let's give our dogs a voice on Saturday, May 12, 2012!

If my dog could talk...

“Just love me and I'll love you back.” – Bailey

giving bailey kisses

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Creating My First Integrated Ad Campaign

May 07, 2012 by , Intern | Bootcamp Lights

first meeting with client at their event

Launching an effective advertising campaign is an extensive process.

Now that I have selected Generation Wags as the organization that I will be launching a pro bono campaign for – what’s the next step?

Timing is key, and I don’t have a lot of it with my last day of classes on May 15th.

First and foremost, my objective is to learn as much as possible about the Generation Wags brand before heading back to the drawing board to finalize my first integrated ad campaign.

On Sunday afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting with Debby Hartten, Founder, Generation Wags.

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My First Advertising Campaign

April 27, 2012 by , Intern | Bootcamp Lights

Baltimore, MD – This was a very difficult decision to make because all of the companies were so unique and innovative! On behalf of all of us at Bootcamp Lights, I want to thank everyone who offered to partner for the launch of my advertising campaign.

Generation Wags dogsAfter much review, I have decided to launch an integrated pro bono campaign for Generation Wags.

Being a huge animal lover, Debby Hartten had me sold when she stated “there is a tremendous need to get our message out for pet rescues throughout the Baltimore area.”

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Pro Bono/Educational Advertising Opportunity 2012 in the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore Area

April 20, 2012 by , co-founder | Bootcamp Lights

Maggie Rose Regan in London With May fast approaching, Towson senior, Maggie Rose Regan says, “It’s safe to say that my plate is very full right now.” She wouldn’t be lying, either, as she just submitted her proposal for her final internship project here at Bootcamp Lights.

Between filling out job applications, scheduling meetings in New York and Boston for post-grad opportunities, and still being fully prepared to juggle one more important responsibility...

Launching her very first advertising campaign »

The Baltimore Police Department Becomes the First Police Department to Stream Daily Live Newscast

March 20, 2012 by , co-founder | Bootcamp Lights

What happens when you take a creative police department -- add an internet connection, video camera, and a laptop?

Baltimore Police first ever LIVE video feed

Move over, Kate Amara, the Baltimore Police Department just launched their very own LIVE daily newscast.

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The Best Spring 2012 Events in Baltimore

March 15, 2012 by , Intern | Bootcamp Lights

Maggie suggests events logoBaltimore, MD – The biting cold of winter is slowly leaving us Marylanders. That’s right, folks, by this time next week, we will officially be in the spring season.

Crisp, cool, refreshing air. Warm, bright, inviting sun. What better way to celebrate the budding season than being outdoors at some of Baltimore’s best events?

From March to May there are plenty of events in the greater Baltimore area that are perfect to attend. I pulled an event from each month that I think you should keep on your radar.

Best events in Baltimore this spring 2012 »

To Win in 2012: Maryland Politicians Must Embrace Technology

March 14, 2012 by , co-founder & chief pilot | Bootcamp Lights

car covered with political bumer stickers Baltimore, MD – Political candidates are always looking for a new and innovative way to not only make their presence known, but also to get their message across. The best political candidates are not always the ones with the best speeches; they are the ones that leave the most lasting impression.

Sixty five years ago, it was unheard of to use a glass and wooden box in your living room to watch an inaugural address. Now political candidates simulcast their messages on smart phones, computer screens, and satellite radio. The days of bumper stickers and front yard signs are over.

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Think Big Baltimore Asked, "As an Entrepreneur – How Do You Think Big?"

March 9, 2012 by , co-founder | Bootcamp Lights

The Day I Quit Playing the Lottery – I Started Thinking Big

ways entrepreneurs think big

Six years ago, I was having lunch with entrepreneur and relationship author, Jess McCann. The conversation turned to the Powerball jackpot, which at the time had reached a record-high $365 million. I’ll never forget McCann’s statement, “I’d never want to win the lottery.”

At first, I thought she was sarcastically poking fun at how everyone would start calling – asking for financial support. No, Jess McCann meant it; “I wouldn’t want something I didn’t earn,” she said.

For the next five years, her statement stuck with me. It was one of the most ridiculous declarations that I had ever heard...

Who wouldn’t want to win $365 million dollars?

Meet Maggie – a Senior at Towson University with a Fresh Perspective on Baltimore's Advertising Industry

February 24, 2012 by , Intern | Bootcamp Lights

Maggie our new advertising intern

Towson, MD – There is something incredibly fascinating about a startup company.  I immediately see an enormous opportunity for growth and success.  It's like a newborn baby with a fresh brain ready to be developed, and I just cannot wait to dive in head first...

Who am I you ask?

Meet Bootcamp Lights newest team member, Maggie Rose Regan »

Girls, Valentine’s Day 2012 Is Not Just About You!

February 09, 2012 by | Bootcamp Lights

A Relationship is a Two Way Street...

Creative Love Messages on Helicopter

Baltimore, MD – When it comes to Valentine’s Day, gifts for women are easy – jewelry, flowers, candy – the usual. But what about for our guys?

Most of the time, men can be difficult to shop for...

That life-sized teddy bear?

Um, where will he put Mr. Teddy?

Chocolate candy hearts?

No thanks.

So ladies, this year get your man something truly original...

Something he'll always remember »

Thumbs up on Valentines Day Surprise

Baltimore Valentine's Day 2012: Will Your Romantic Surprise Get Any Facebook ‘Likes’ This Year?

February 1, 2012 by , co-founder | Bootcamp Lights

February 14, 2012 - A Day For Love To Take Flight In Baltimore!

heart-shaped Map of Baltimore

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, there are many ways to celebrate here in Baltimore; ranging from a romantic dinner at Charleston to learning all about animal reproduction at the Maryland Zoo: "Sex at the Zoo."

In 2012, the crowded restaurants, flowers, and even “Sex at the Zoo” can seem a bit cliché, though. Discovering unique ways to surprise your valentine has become quite the challenge...

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Amazing Marriage Proposal Illuminates the Sky

January 20, 2012 by , co-founder | Bootcamp Lights

Helicopter hovering above house for marriage proposal
Baltimore, MD -- Since launching Bootcamp Lights, we have helped a wide range of customers, from a radio personality looking for a creative way to say, “Hire Me,” to a police department recruiting 300 new officers.

Our goal has always been to offer an innovative platform, where anyone can effectively display their message.

Now, add a memorable marriage proposal to the list!

Dave contacted us with an original idea. He wanted to use our helicopter, which is outfitted with a 36-foot digital billboard, to propose his girlfriend, Kelly.

Amazing marriage proposal story »

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