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Meet Maggie – a Senior at Towson University with a Fresh Perspective on Baltimore's Advertising Industry

February 24, 2012 by , Intern | Bootcamp Lights

Maggie our new advertising internTowson, MD – There is something incredibly fascinating about a startup company.  I immediately see an enormous opportunity for growth and success.  It's like a newborn baby with a fresh brain ready to be developed, and I just cannot wait to dive in head first.

Who am I you ask?

My name is Maggie and I am Bootcamp Lights' new intern.  From the recent trend of "intern-bloggers-with-cool-nicknames" I guess you could call me "Bootcamp Lights Girl" ... "BL Girl?" Oh well, we'll come up with something eventually.

When I heard about an internship opportunity at Bootcamp Lights, I was instantly intrigued: an advertising agency that uses a custom built R22 Helicopter outfitted with a 36 x 8 foot digital billboard?  (In layman's terms that means a pretty sick chopper) Sign me up!

I've routinely heard people say things like "no one watches television advertisements anymore" and "print advertising is dead."  This is where the innovative Bootcamp Lights comes in.  I am inspired by how interesting and out of the ordinary this company is. I look forward to the creative journey ahead.

Throughout my time here, I am interested in participating in the creation and launching of these campaigns, until I have learned enough where I am able to put together my own pro bono campaign in May.  And, to be completely honest, I'm also pretty excited to have my first ride in a helicopter!

I already feel very welcome in the Bootcamp Lights family, and look forward to sharing more stories of my adventures with you.

What is Bootcamp Lights?

innovative billboards attached to helicopters

At Bootcamp Lights, we take your message – the foundation of all advertising campaigns, and we display that message directly above prime locations.

Our innovative approach effectively reaches areas of Maryland that are unattainable by other forms of media.

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WAKA Kickball Campaign

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"Bootcamp Lights put the WAKA brand of adult social sports in front of even more potential customers. It's fun working with companies that are as into outside-the-box business ideas as we are."

-- Mike Holden, WAKA Kickball, Director of Marketing

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