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WAKA Kickball's Innovative Advertisement

January 9, 2012 by | Bootcamp Lights

WAKA Kickball Promotes Winter Leagues on Helicopter Digital Billboard

Group of friends playing WAKA Kickball

Fairfax, VA -- Bootcamp Lights partnered with WAKA Kickball launching an innovative advertising campaign to promote WAKA’s winter kickball and dodgeball leagues.

The World Adult Kickball Association, commonly referred to as WAKA Kickball, was recently ranked as one of the fastest growing private U.S. companies for the second year in a row by Inc. magazine.

“It’s clear why WAKA Kickball is so successful,” said Kyle Benham, co-founder of Bootcamp Lights. “They appreciate technology and work hard to effectively use it to connect with their audience.”

Bootcamp Lights reaches key locations with its 36 x 8 foot digital billboard, which is attached to the bottom of its custom-built R22 Helicopter. WAKA Kickball and Bootcamp Lights worked together to design flight plans that would target WAKA’s specific audience.

"Bootcamp Lights is doing something new and innovative with advertising,” said Mike Holden, director of marketing for WAKA Kickball. “WAKA broke new ground 15 years ago by providing adults with a creative way to enjoy themselves and meet new people. So, we were excited to work with Bootcamp Lights to put the WAKA brand of adult social sports in front of even more potential customers. It’s fun working with companies that are as into outside-the-box business ideas as we are."

WAKA Kickball understands your busy lifestyle and caters their leagues to just about every hectic schedule. This allows you to break out of your normal routine, unwind a bit, and meet new friends at the same time.

Currently, WAKA Kickball is registering for their winter kickball and dodgeball leagues. Here is a full list of leagues throughout the country: WAKA's Winter Leagues

Don’t miss your opportunity to get out and do something new in 2012!

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