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Baltimore Residents Wish Family and Friends Happy New Year 2012 In Front of Thousands

January 1, 2012 by , co-founder | Bootcamp Lights

Wishing happy new year's to friends and family on billboard

Baltimore Inner Harbor – As the clock struck midnight, what were you doing in 2012?

Were you sending out a mass text saying, “Happy New Year” to all of your contacts? Possibly updating your status on Facebook, Twitter and Google+?

Our team at Bootcamp Lights encouraged Baltimore residents to wish their friends and family a “Happy New Year” on our digital billboard.

As thousands gathered downtown to ring in 2012, we filed a flight plan – positioning our helicopter (outfitted with a 36-foot digital billboard) adjacent to the fireworks.

Earlier in the week we publicly unveiled this flight plan. We used our beta online interface combined with social media to incorporate messages from within the community.

When launching a campaign it is essential to connect with the target audience. We are working hard to develop a solid online platform where we can connect with you.

Our team encourages creative freedom and we don’t want it to stop here at Bootcamp Lights. If you have an idea – we want to hear from you. There are numerous applications for our new brand of media. With your help, we can accomplish our goal of providing an effective platform that is affordable for all.

If you thought 2011 was innovative – just wait until you see what we will do with your support in 2012!

What is Bootcamp Lights?

innovative billboards attached to helicopters

At Bootcamp Lights, we take your message, the foundation of any campaign, and we display that message directly above prime locations.

Our innovative approach reaches areas that are unattainable by other forms of media.

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"Everyone saw it and just thought it was the coolest thing. It was a great way for us to get our message out."

-- Jeremy Silbert, Baltimore Police Department

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