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Six3 Systems Uses Innovation to Successfully Recruit Professionals with Security Clearances

January 25, 2012 by | Bootcamp Lights

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Six3 Systems launched an ad campaign in hopes of targeting professionals based out of Ft. Meade with expertise in providing strategic solutions to U.S. Government agencies in the intelligence, defense, and civilian communities.

The innovative campaign was designed by Bootcamp Lights. A Columbia startup that uses a custom built R-22 Helicopter to hover over key locations throughout the Baltimore-Washington area while displaying brand messages on a huge 36 X 8 digital billboard.

Map displaying target audience"Bootcamp Lights worked closely with the Six3 Systems team to identify our target market and design an effective approach to reach our recruiting goals, " says Brad Simmons from Six3 Systems.

Authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to fly digital advertising over metropolitan areas, Bootcamp Lights demonstrated how they are capable of reaching prime locations outside of the DC restricted airspace.

The flight plans were filed with Air Traffic Control and strategically designed to target the main interstates and parking lots of office buildings around Ft. Meade. "We took their message and put it directly above their target audience," says Kyle Benham, co-founder of Bootcamp Lights. “We got an industry 'talking' that is well-known for being 'hush-hush.'"

After the first flight plan, it was reported that thousands of people called – referencing an unidentified flying object hovering above on the morning of Wednesday, January 11, 2012.

Messages light up sky

It, in fact, was not a UFO sighting, but rather this new form of targeted advertising.

The state-of-the-art approach fit well with Six3 Systems, which was looking to recruit top-notch talent at their open house hiring event on Friday, January 13, 2012. "Finding interesting and unique ways to broadly reach the best of the best in the Intel community is difficult and challenging," says Simmons.

The open house took place at the Ft. Meade Marriott where Six3 Systems met with 35 cleared IT professionals. Simmons said, "The quality and quantity of talented candidates surpassed our expectations."

For more information on opportunities with Six3 Systems, please visit the Six3 Systems Website

What is Bootcamp Lights?

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At Bootcamp Lights, we take your message, the foundation of any campaign, and we display that message directly above prime locations.

Our innovative approach reaches areas that are unattainable by other forms of media.

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