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The Baltimore Police Department Becomes the First Police Department to Stream Daily Live Newscast

March 20, 2012 by , co-founder | Bootcamp Lights

What happens when you take a creative police department -- add an internet connection, video camera, and a laptop?

Baltimore Police first ever LIVE video feed

Move over, Kate Amara, the Baltimore Police Department just launched their very own LIVE daily newscast. Tune in daily at 12:30pm ET to catch this fun and interactive newscast.

Watch LIVE: 12:30pm ET
The Baltimore Police Department's Newscast

“No more waiting until 6pm to watch it on TV or reading about it the next day in the newspaper,” says detective, Jeremy Silbert from the Baltimore Police Department.

This is just one of the many online platforms that the Baltimore Police Department has embraced in an effort to engage and interact with you. From surveillance video of a robbery to the amazing behind the scenes work -- the Baltimore Police Department is connecting with us all.

How much does all of this cost?

The budget: $0

That’s right -- with no budget, the Baltimore Police Department has creatively used the tools they already have to effectively reach you in real-time.

By using their BPD TV -- USTREAM Channel, they can broadcast video and photo content from a laptop instantaneously.

What is UStream?

USTREAM enables anyone to with an internet connection to broadcast live video across the world from a computer or smart phone in minutes. It is an amazing platform that is free to engage and stream your content.

Silbert imagines that other police departments will follow suit. In 2012, it is vital that information is accessible 24/7.

In addition to the live weekly broadcast, the Baltimore Police Department is recording all of their newscasts which can be easily accessed online to watch on your time.

Baltimore Police Recorded Newscasts

This immediacy is the future. I applaud the Baltimore Police Department for continually using the latest technology to not only save money, but to connect with us all.

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