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Amazing Marriage Proposal Illuminates the Sky

January 20, 2012 by , co-founder | Bootcamp Lights

Helicopter hovering above house for marriage proposal Since launching Bootcamp Lights, we have helped a wide range of customers, from a radio personality looking for a creative way to say, “Hire Me,” to a police department recruiting 300 new officers.

Our goal has always been to offer an innovative platform, where anyone can effectively display their message.

Now, you can add a memorable marriage proposal to the list!

Dave contacted us with a great idea. He wanted to use our helicopter to propose his girlfriend, Kelly.

The Plan:

Dave’s concept was clear; he would tell Kelly that his family was having a little family get-together at his sister’s house.

Amazing marriage proposal lighting up the sky

As with most proposals, timing is everything. We worked with Dave to calculate the logistics: designing a flight plan that would put our helicopter directly above their driveway as they were arriving.

Dave’s sister, Katherine, was set to play an integral role as our backup spotter. If Dave’s arrival was off -- Katherine would contact Andrew Hu, our ground spotter, who would then radio our chief pilot, Robert Schapiro.

Day of Proposal Checklist:

Chief pilot, Robert Schapiro, files the flight plans with Air Traffic Control.

Robert Schapiro: "Filed."

I programmed the billboard with Dave's message: “KELLY” for 12 seconds on a still frame. After 12 seconds the billboard clears and will began to scroll: “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

Me: "I spelled everything correctly, right?"

Katherine will be on the lookout for Dave’s car.

Katherine: "Watching."

Dave has the ring.

Dave: "Got it!"

Kelly and Dave | Amazing Marriage Proposal Illuminates Sky

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