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Girls, Valentine’s Day 2012 Is Not Just About You!

February 09, 2012 by | Bootcamp Lights

A Relationship is a Two Way Street...

Woman Surprising Man on Valentine's Day

Baltimore, MD – When it comes to Valentine’s Day, gifts for women are easy – jewelry, flowers, candy – the usual. But what about for our guys?

Most of the time, men can be difficult to shop for.

That life-sized teddy bear? Um, where will he put Mr. Teddy?

Chocolate candy hearts? No thanks.

So ladies, this year get your man something truly original. Something he'll always remember – a personalized message from you flashing across a digital billboard on a helicopter!!!

This creative gift is actually a reality, for only $99.

Imagine stepping outside into the brisk night air to see a helicopter hovering above you with your personal message! It’s something every guy will remember, and something you can customize just for him.

Put a little effort into Valentine’s Day this year. Our guys just want a small gesture that shows you care.

This will be something he’ll never forget!

Here are some ideas for how to write your personal message:

Creative Love Messages on Helicopter


He might not like to admit it, but guys love romance, too! Tell him how much your relationship means. Nothing beats hearing a simple “I love you” for Valentine’s Day.


Do you have a funny/embarrassing nickname for each other? An inside joke only you two understand? Take this opportunity to flash it across the night sky. What do you have to lose? Only you two will know the true meaning of this message.


Give him a flirty/sexy message so he won’t be able to wait to get home! That’s a gift you both can enjoy!!!

"Hire Me" Digital Billboard

DJ Flounder Spinning

One commuter tweeted, "@DJFlounder, even though you slowed down traffic this morning on 270, I thought that was some great advertising."

In response, Flounder wrote, "Get used to it because I am not going away."

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Police Recruitment Campaign

Baltimore Police badge

"Everyone saw it and just thought it was the coolest thing. It was a great way for us to get our message out."

-- Jeremy Silbert, Baltimore Police Department

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